Xcelsius tips and tricks

Introducing meaningless variety 7. You'll learn how to work with data that isn't rock-solid--and even how to create your own custom components that go beyond Xcelsius's built-in features. The last cell is only re-set when you save.


All sample files used in the book Additional guides and tutorials to help you build dashboards Templates and example files for new dashboard interfaces Introduction 1 Part I Xcelsius Fundamentals 1 Motivation for Using Xcelsius tips and tricks 11 2 Showcase of Xcelsius Dashboards 33 3 Getting Familiar with Xcelsius 43 4 Embedded Spreadsheets: The reasons are two-fold: To get around this error I need to tell my application server that it is okay to trust requests from other domains.

Encoding quantitative data inaccurately 9. He has a long-standing record in the Xcelsius community and has been a staunch proponent of the technology since its early days. Over the last year, it looks like SAP has been slowly de-commissioning the On-Demand community site to emphasize other communities.

Xcelsius 2008 Dashboard Best Practices

With this in mind, it pays to use them anyway as it won't matter. Xcelsius is available in three different editions: Now you can replace formulas like: These are simply values that are given a meaningful name.

Pivot Tables are partially supported by Xcelsius. Now activate any other sheet and do the same. Each application server is different, so you may need to check the manual for your specific application server.

Hopefully this move will give customers access to certified solutions, and a good venue to host a more complete list of add-ons here to give everyone out there visibility to what is available.

There are some realities when it comes to the Xcelsius marketplace and the SDK.

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I thought to share it with you also. Only do this for those queries that do not have prompts and are necessary to fill the prompts of other queries.

Using the Xcelsius 2008 Map Drill Down and Scenario Button

SalesLessCosts This same principle can be used in creating sheet level names. I have been fortunate to see many of them in action over the years and believe that the On-Demand store did not provide visibility to these great solutions.

In this case, look at the data points and if they are dependent on any complex functions. Search for and remove unused screen elements. If you have several data queries you might consider splitting data and component linking.

In Flash 9, they hav e tightened up security a bit more. You could force full Absolution simply by using: Perform aggregation preferably on database level and use Match and Index for the lookup formulas.

Use at least 2 sheets Xcelsius tips and tricks your spreadsheet. You can delete or add these xml files to custom and default location.

Here is how you do this. You'll learn how to quickly represent any data with charting components; use dials, gauges, and speedometers; incorporate multiple layers in your dashboards and visualizations; use Xcelsius to perform more useful analyses and manage more interactively; work with maps, demographics, and segmented data; create "smart data" and alerts; and much more.

How to Convert an XLX File If you have an Xcelsius Crystal Reports file, you can most likely export it or save it as a new file format using the software I mentioned above. However, if the file is used as an add-on, like most add-on files, you probably can not convert it to any other format.

Join the Xcelsius gurus, Mike Alexander (Author, Crystal Xcelsius For Dummies) and Loren Abdulezer(Author, Xcelsius Best Practices) for a 2-day Xcelsius advanced workshop September in Dallas, TX!This workshop sold out in March so make sure you get in early.

Here, you will get a ton of advanced Xcelsius tips and techniques - such as. Throughout the book you will find lots of tips, tricks and best practices. The book is published in eBook SAP released its 5th Fix Pack update for Xcelsius Service Pack 3 this week.

Only three minor problems are resolved this time and my embedded swf-files issue isn’t even one of them. Jun 17,  · My CR data source is a dataset which build from a views. I added two fields in the views and update.

1. Make sure you limit the number of connections. Try to use as few connections as possible in your dashboard.

Tips & Tricks Xcelsius Short List

2. Make sure you only remain the actually necessary dimensions, the data of which is required to be shown on your dashboard. 3. Also the DB performance tuning for data retrieve call is. Crystal Reports The Complete Reference (Osborne Complete Reference Series) [George Peck] on degisiktatlar.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Your One-Stop Guide to Enterprise Reporting with Crystal Reports Transform disconnected corporate data into compelling.

Xcelsius tips and tricks
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